Main Subjects = Islamic Philosophy
The influence of suhrawardi's doctrine on the afzal-addin kashani's theoretical and practical wisdom

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 12 March 2024


babak alikhani; maryam asadian

A new analysis of Sarat's position according to the mystical perception of Transcendent theosophy

Volume 20, Issue 43, September 2023, Pages 255-277


seyedeh zahra Mousavi baygi; Sayyed Mortaza Hosseini; Abbas Javareshkian

Explanation of logic industry and the role of imagination in it from Farabi's point of view

Volume 19, Issue 42, March 2023, Pages 151-172


Zeinab Barkhordari; seyyedeh maliheh poorsaleh amiri

The Treatise "Fi l-Wujūd" of Khayyam

Volume 18, Issue 40, February 2022, Pages 203-228


Sadegh Nokohan; babak alikhani

Mirza Ibrahim Hamedani's treatise on "Al-Wāhid Principle": Critical Edition with Introduction

Volume 17, Issue 37, September 2020, Pages 169-186


Mohammed Soori; mehdi asgari; Fatimث ansari

Divine knowledge of being connected with nature from the viewpoint of Sadr al-Din Shirazes

Volume 16, Issue 36, September 2019, Pages 167-182


ebrahim rostami; syyad roholah daghan baghe

The evolution of the carriage criterion and its role in recognizing the truth

Volume 16, Issue 35, August 2019, Pages 31-53


mohammad daneshnahad; mohammadhasan vakili

Sabzawari and the criticism of Sadr al-Muta’allihin's argument for substantial motion

Volume 16, Issue 35, August 2019, Pages 109-134


Hussein Ali Shidanshid; Mohammad Hadi Tavakkoli

traditional basis of Islamic arts

Volume 16, Issue 35, August 2019, Pages 135-155


hossein sabri; Gholamreza Aavani

Critique of the Distinction between Knowledge and Mental Existence in the Sadra’s Epistemology

Volume 16, Issue 35, August 2019, Pages 233-261


Mohammad Yazdani; Azam Ghasemi; Gholamreza Zakiany

Effective factors on Communication and Semiotics in Architecture- case study: Kabood mosque in Tabriz

Volume 15, Issue 34, March 2019, Pages 179-202


ahad nejad ebrahimi; minoo gharehbeiglu; seyyed masoud vafaei