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نسبت «خود» با «دیگری» در اندیشۀ دکارت و پاسکال

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 23 August 2023


Seyedmustafa Shahraeini; Maziyar Raissi

Value-ladeness of Science and Ethical Naturalism

Volume 19, Issue 42, March 2023, Pages 251-264


Meisam Mohammadamini

The Foundations of Heraclitus' Criticism of Poets

Volume 18, Issue 40, February 2022, Pages 37-62


Alireza Esmaeilzadeh Barzi

Political Theology: Essence and Limits of a Problem

Volume 18, Issue 40, February 2022, Pages 119-146


Masoud Sinaeian

Boghossian on Constructivism about Rational Explanation

Volume 18, Issue 40, February 2022, Pages 147-173


Shahram Shahryari

The priority of the practical theosophy over the theoretical wisdom in Suhrawardi’s illuminationist philosophy

Volume 18, Issue 39, September 2021, Pages 283-311


Nooshin Naziri Khameneh; Seyyed Abbas Zahabi; Babak Abbasi; Ahmad Beheshti

Aristotle's Rationalism :A Reply to Barnes

Volume 16, Issue 35, August 2019, Pages 5-20


Yassaman Hoshyar

"Hierarchy of Eudaimonia" in Aristotle's Moral Philosophy

Volume 14, Issue 31, August 2017, Pages 203-230

Hassan Miandari