Guide for Authors

1. Accuracy

Author is responsable for her/his article. The findings reported must be distinguishable and include details and sufficient sources for readers in order to be utilized by them in their upcoming researches. If the author noticed any mistake in the article weather in the content or in the form, she/he should inform us immediately.

2. Plagiarism policy

  • Violating copyrights in any form
  • Adding someone who is lacking any contribution as one of the authors
  • Copying the content from the other source without citing the sources
  • Using portions of another author's findings in order to present as the author's herself/himself 
  • Using text downloaded from the internet in any form
  • In the case of a publication being submitted that was originally published in another language, the title, date and journal of the original publication must be identified by the authors, and the copyright must be obtained. The editor may accept such a translated publication to bring it to the attention of a wider audience
  • Manipulating findings in order to present as someone's conclusions
  • That the article previously published elsewhere, whether in print or online
  • Self-plagiarism

In case of Plagiarism, the article will be returned.

In case of publication, the article will be eliminated from our website and all consequences will be blamed on the author.

3. Conflict of interests

Authors are obliged to inform the journal about any possible kind of the conflict of interests would appear. Although, the financial sources of researches should be mentioned.

4. Copyright


 The journal of Sophia Perennis is subject to the copyright lawsuit. Except in Iran, the articles of Sophia Perennis is subject to the condition that it shall not be sold or otherwise circulated without the journal's prior consent.

Creative Commons license:‎ BY-NC-ND


The Author and each co-authors shall transfer and sell to the Publisher for the length of the copyright starting from the moment the present agreement comes into force the exclusive rights to the materials, including the rights to translate, reproduce, transfer, distribute or otherwise use the materials or parts (fragments) contained therein, for publication in scientific, academic, technical or professional journals or other periodicals and in derivative works thereof, worldwide, in English, in print or in electronic editions of such journals, periodicals and derivative works in all media or formats now existing or that may exist in future, as well as the right to license (or give permission to) third parties to use the materials for publication in such journals, periodicals and derivative works worldwide. The transfer under this agreement includes the right to adapt the presentation of the materials for use in conjunction with computer systems and programs, reproduction or publication in machine-readable format and incorporation into retrieval systems.
 Reproduction, placement, transfer or any other distribution or use of the materials, or any parts of the materials contained therein, in any way permitted under this Agreement, shall be accompanied by reference to the Journal and mentioning of the Publisher, namely: the title of the article, the name of the Author (Co-authors), the name of the Journal, volume/number, copyright of the publisher




5. How to submit

  • Submission: After the registration, the author can submit her/his manuscript. We inform you as soon as we receive the manuscript. After receiving, the peer review begins.
  • Cover letter: a cover letter should be sent in our submission system as an additional attachment. Cover letter must highlight the followings: the originality of the research article; mentioning that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere, nor is it currently under consideration for publication elsewhere; the problem that the article is going to touch and the significant finding of that; in the case of conflict of interests, it should be added.

FREE submission and publication for any non-persian manuscript


Copyright Transfer Agreement

Covering Letter


 Conflict of Interest

 Template manuscript file

6. Note

  • The editors reserve the right to make editorial revisions.
  • Submitted articles may not exceed 8,500 words, including footnotes; longer submissions will not be accepted for review. They must have these parts; Title, Abstract, Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion.
  • Reference is based on the APA standard
  • The abstracts may not exceed 150 words.

7. Open Access Policies

All foriegn articles of Sophian Perrenis are accessibly free on our website. 




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