Publication Ethics

Ones who are interested to subscribe their manuscripts should consider the followings:The ethical policy of Sophia Perennis is based on the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines and complies with International Committee of Sophia Perennis Editorial Board codes of conduct. Readers, authors, reviewers and editors should follow these ethical policies once working with Sophia Perennis.   The ethical policy of Sophia Perennis is liable to determine which of the typical research papers or articles submitted to the journal should be published in the concerned issue.



Ones who are interested to subscribe their manuscripts should consider the followings:


1. Sophia Perennis

  •  All information provided will be kept confidential.
  • Religion, sex, race, sexuality, beliefs, ... have no influence on the journal's decision of articles


2. Author(s)

  • The article is supposed to be prepared by the findings of the author(s).
  • In case of being more than one author, the responsible one should be marked. 
  • Citing must be accurate in order to sufficient scientific index. 
  • It has not been published elsewhere, nor is it currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • participation
    The author must complete and submit the authors' form, which specifies their contribution and rights, before submitting the article.
    Also, changes in the order of authors after admission will be reviewed only by providing reasons and approval of all authors
  • If the author noticed any mistake in the article weather in the content or in the form, she/he should inform us immediately.
  • Plagiarism that may refer to the followings:
    • Violating copyrights in any form
    • Adding someone who is lacking any contribution as one of the authors
    • Copying the content from the other source without citing the sources
    • Using portions of another author's findings in order to present as the author's herself/himself 
    • Using text downloaded from the internet in any form
    • In the case of a publication being submitted that was originally published in another language, the title, date and journal of the original publication must be identified by the authors, and the copyright must be obtained. The editor may accept such a translated publication to bring it to the attention of a wider audience
    • Manipulating findings in order to present as someone's conclusions
    • That the article previously published elsewhere, whether in print or online
    • Self-plagiarism


3. Reviewers 

  • Reviewers must announce her/his considerations in 1 month.
  • In the case of the returning of the manuscript, the reviewers will be kept anonymous
  • Reviewer' considerations will be based on scientific standards


Editorial members can submit an article for only two years. 

For information on this matter in publishing and ethical guidelines please visit

4. Allegations of misconduct

If you have a claim regarding the published content, send your descritption to the e-mail: