Thanks to all the Reviewers who have spent their time and expertise to improve the quality of the content of the articles in "Javidan Kherd".

The list of Reviewers who collaborated with the publication in the past year (2020) is as follows:

Reviewer Name Specialty Affiliation
Mohammad Javad Esmaeili Islamic Philosophy, Western Philosophy Faculty member of Iranian Institiute of Philosophy
MohammadReza Esmkhani Western Philosophy Science Studies Department, the Iranian Institute of Philosophy, Tehran, Iran
Reza Akbari Islamic Philosophy Professor of philosophy and kalam, faculty of theology, Islamic teachings and guidance, Imam Sadiq University, Tehran, Iran
Hassan Amiriara Western Philosophy Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Saeed Anvari Islamic Philosophy Philosophy, Allameh Tabataba'i University
Hamed Bikaraan-Behesht Science Studies Division, Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Said Binayemotlagh Western Philosophy Esfahan
Meysam Tavakoli Bina Western Philosophy IRIP
Mohamad jafar Jamebozorgi Islamic Philosophy faculty member of irip
Minoo Hojjat Western Philosophy Faculty of Western Philosophy, Iranian Institute of Philosophy, Tehran, Iran
Behrooz Haddadi Religion and Spirituality Faculty Member
Mohammad Hosseinzadeh Islamic Philosophy Assistant professor at Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Davood Hosseini Logic Associate Professor Philosophy Department Tarbiat Modares University
malek hosseini Western Philosophy Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy / Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Tehran
Hossein Hamdollahi Islamic Philosophy Iranian Research Institute of Philosophy
davod heidari Logic 28
Amirhossein Khodaparast Western Philosophy Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Alireza Darabi Logic Assistant professor, Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Musa S. Dibadj University of Tehran
Esmaeil Radpour Religion and Spirituality Assistant Professor, Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Akbar Rashedinia Islamic Philosophy .
Ahmad Rajabi Western Philosophy Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran, Iran
Rasoul Rasoulipour Western Philosophy Kharazmi University
Mustafa Zali Western Philosophy Assistant Professor, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran
Seyed Masoud Zamani Western Philosophy Faculty Member - Iranian Institute of Philosophy (IRIP)
Hossein Zamaniha Islamic Philosophy Department of Islamic Philosophy and Wisdom, Humanities Faculty, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran.
Rouhollah Souri Islamic Philosophy Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
Mohammed Soori Religion and Spirituality Department of Philosophy, Research Center for Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy
Hamidreza Shamsnia
ahmad shahgoli Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Mohammad javad Safian Western Philosophy Department of philosophy, University of Isfahan
Neyyer Tahoori Department of Art, Science and Research Branch , Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
babak alikhani Religion and Spirituality Institute for Research in Philosophy
Mahdi Abdullahi Islamic Philosophy IRIP
Mohammad Reza Adli Religion and Spirituality Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Religion and Mysticism, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
Mahdi Azimi Department of Islamic Philosophy, Faculty of Theology, University of Tehran
Ghorban Elmi Religion and Spirituality Associate Prof. of University of Tehran
Seyed Ahmad Ghaffari Gharebagh Islamic Philosophy Faculty member of mysticism group in Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Assadollah Fallahi Logic Head of Department of Logic Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Mehrdad Qayyoomi Religion and Spirituality Shahid Beheshti Univercity
amir ehsan karbasizade isfahan university
Tahereh Kamalizadeh Islamic Philosophy institutes of humanities and cultural sciences
Reza Koohkan Religion and Spirituality Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Mahdi Golparvar-Roozbahani Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, IRAN
Amir-Mohammad Gamini Western Philosophy Institute for the History of Science, University of Tehran
Meisam Mohammadamini Assistant Professor, Institute for Science and Technology Studies, Shahid Beheshti University
hossein Mohamadkhani Islamic Philosophy maaref iau arak-iran
seyed Rahman mortazavi Post doctorate researcher in Iranian Institute of Philosophy
Shams ol Molook Mostafavi Western Philosophy Azad University
َAli Asghar Mosleh Western Philosophy Department of Philosophy, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran
hossein Masoumi hamedani Religion and Spirituality, Western Philosophy عضو هیئت علمی بازنشسته موسسه پژوهشی حکمت و فلسفه ایران
Morteza Nouri Western Philosophy Assistant professor, department of philosophy, faculty of letters and human sciences, Shahid Beheshti university, Tehran, Iran
hosein hooshangi Philosophy, Imam Sadiq University
Hadi Vakili Institute for Contemporary Philosophy, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran, Iran
Seyyed mahmmoud Yosofsani Islamic Philosophy Faculty member