Plotinus’ View on Theology of Intuition or the Way of Love to Attain the Good

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The way of love is one of the two ways to attain to the One in view of Plotinus. In this paper we attempt to describe the way of love which is a process of spiritual journey which soul begins from seeing the tangible beauties and then continues to see the beauties of intelligible world, and finally reaches to the beyond of beauty. The soul performs the journey so as to become similar to the One as far as possible and then becomes united with it. Then it will be investigated whether the love-relationship between the God and man is merely bilateral or the God does regard to human happiness. Based on idea of plotinous, the Good has special attention to human happiness. Because man potentialy has its love from beginning and realizes it with purification and spritual journeying, in adition, the One is the efficient cause, ultimate cause and survival case for everything.