The Explanation of Approaches and the Methodological Process of Illuminative Philosophy

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During the period of Suhrawardi, theologians, jurisprudents and Sufis disagreed with philosophy. In such circumstance, Suhrawardi established a system of knowledge in which mysticism, Quran and demonstration merged together. Not only did Suhrawardi explained the validity of intellect, narration and intuition, he established an intellectual system out of wisdom and philosophy and merged the data of these three sources coherently. This coherence is due to the methodological process of illuminative philosophy which on the one hand vindicates the principle and validity of the sources of knowledge with an intellectual approach. thus, it can be considered as wisdom and philosophy, on the other hand it demonstrates the intuitional and narrative data and since it maintains that the real wisdom is the outcome of the lights of spiritual realm, it can be considered as illuminative.