A Comparison of the Unlimited Existence with the Unlimited Quantity

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The first acquaintance of the mind with the concept of the unlimited is in the form of quantity category. By means of negating limitation from some quantities, it understands unlimited quantities. The Peripatetic philosophers do not believe in the external existence of unlimited quantities, because based on some reasons, they consider unlimited quantity as an impossible one. However, many specialists believe that these proofs are not adequate. Furthermore the limitation of dimensions has an implausible consequence which is a reason for the falsity of this claim.The beings around us are limited, i.e. their existence end at a certain limit. The negation of these limits gives us a brief conception of the unlimited being. The circumference of an unlimited sphere occupies all of the existing volume. The rest of the spheres are simply the limitations and specifications within the unlimited sphere. In the same way, the unlimited being includes the whole existence. At the same time, the rest of the beings are simply the specifications and the limitations within it.  This is an example to help facilitate the understanding of the unlimited existence using the unlimited dimension. Of course, it has some pros and cons which dearth of sufficient attention to these matters causes much misunderstanding and the appearance of many misgivings. 
The conception of the unlimited being is also possible without reference to the unlimited dimension. For example, the unlimited mind has an unlimited number of concepts that are the creatures of this mind. In this example, the 'unlimited' means unity in existence. Based upon these two examples, the unity of existence is one of the best interpretations of the unlimited being; while, the other interpretations have their drawbacks.