Critical Investigation of the Shaykh Ahmad Ahsá'í's Critics to the Principle of Basit- al - Haqiqah (Indivisible Nature) in the Transcendental Philosophy

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The indivisible nature is one of the most important principles in the Transcendental Philosophy which Mulla Sadra proves it. This principle has very important role in the explanation and solving some philosophical problems. This principle has two sections: having all perfection attributes and not having their limitations. Shaykh Ahmad Ahsá'í proposes some critics to both sections of this principle.  His critics to the first part is fallacy in these things: implication of not having limitation to having perfection, not having multiplicity in the indivisible nature because of its simplicity. Ahsá'í's critics to the second part is fallacy in these things: nothingness of the extinct, and not having external being and dependency of all things to the God's will even their imaginations.