Keywords = Avicenna
Possibility and Probability in Avicenna's View

Volume 20, Issue 44, September 2023, Pages 275-300


morteza mezginejad

Suhrawardi's Reduction of the Aristotelian Categories: His Backgrounds and Innovations

Volume 13, Issue 29, September 2016, Pages 191-211

mahmoud Hedayat afza; Ahmad Beheshti

The Evaluation and Analysis of the Mediating and Traversing Movement

Volume 11, Issue 25, September 2015, Pages 119-136

Mahmood Saidiy; Seyyed Muhammad Musawy

The Commentary Tradition ON THE ILĀHIYYĀT OF THE SHIFĀʾ

Volume 10, Issue 24, March 2014, Pages 5-26

Mohammad Javad Esmaeili