Critical Research and Edition of the Treatise which is Attributed to Avicenna “Disappearing of Imaginary Ideas in Human Soul after Death”

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The treatise published here is one of the shortest philosophical works which is attributed to Avicenna and so far has been published only once in the first volume of Buali’s Hekmat.
The treatise is about those ideas which are in the soul and are in opposition with the reality. Two questions arise here: firstly, whether such ideas are imaginary or rational ideas are also among them? Secondly, will these ideas separate from the soul after death or do they permanently remain in the human soul?
The author of the treatise firstly proves that the above mentioned ideas are rational as well as being imaginary and then proves that after death, these ideas will separate from the human soul and disappear.
This treatise had been edited on the basis of 5 manuscripts of it preserved in “Ahmad Ṣales” and “Nour Othmaniyeh” libraries in Turkey, “Peterman library” and “Ayatullah Golpayegani Library” in the city of Qom, as well as “Tehran University's library”.