A new analysis of Sarat's position according to the mystical perception of Transcendent theosophy

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1 PhD student of Islamic philosophy at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad,. transcendent philosophy

2 Department of Islamic Philosophy, Theology Ferdowsi University of Mashhad



The history of wisdom is proof that the knowledge of life after death and the discussion about it have always been among the popular mysteries of thinkers. Among them, Sadrul Matalhin is one of the most successful Muslim thinkers who was able to provide a rational analysis and explanation of many situations after death. Among the stances that Mulla Sadra analyzed with evidence is Sarat's position. According to him, the truth of Sarat is nothing but the representation of the soul in the money board on hell, while it seems that this reading of Sarat, by itself, has some kind of incompatibility with the path that is said in religion; The present study, which is written in an analytical-descriptive method, paying attention to the foundations of Muni Sadra'i and religious texts, proves that Sarat is evident, without any doubt, a facet of the inner part of the perfect Muhammadan human being, and what Sadr al-Maltahin says about Sarat in The truth is the quality of crossing the path; In this way, in the present study, while presenting a new interpretation of Sarat seen in Qayamat, Mulla Sadra's interpretation of Sarat (with a little possession and in a way compatible with the aforementioned reading) has been preserved.


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