Mīr Findiriskī’s Poems

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The name of Abulqāsim Mīr Findiriskī, the Safavid philosopher, is more reminiscent of his famous ode known as Qaṣīda-ye Yā'īyya. Some authors have written commentaries on this work and again some poets have quinted it. Due to Mīr Findiriskīs's fame, some poems are attributed to him at times, but clearly we know that such attributions are incorrect. Mīr Findiriskī has written some other poems on the margin of his treatises and this has led some scholars to assume that these poems belong to him, an assumption that we shall refute. A group of these poems belong to poets whose lives and works are known to us while there are others that are composed by unknown poets. Thus, the attribution of these poems to Mīr Findiriskī requires further investigation.   In this paper, we compile both the complete corpus of his poetry as well as those poems attributed to him. We attempt to introduce his scattered poems by appealing to his life and thoughts and thoroughly studying manuscripts. These poems, which are edited and introduced for the first time, can shed light on Mīr Findiriskī's life in Iran and India, inform us about his spiritual state at the time the composition of these poems and broaden our knowledge of the Safavid period.