A Research on and a Critical Edition of "the Goals of Metaphysics"

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"the Goals of Metaphysics" is a philosophical treatise of Fārābī which is short like the other works of his. Although it is a short one, it consists of prominent matters and can be deemed to be a turning point in the analysis of the definition and the subject matter of metaphysics. Since this treatise had a great influence on representing the definition and the subject matter of metaphysics in metaphysical system of Avicenna and he himself acknowledges in his autobiography his debt to it in understanding the goal of Aristotle's metaphysics, it became strikingly well-known. Perhaps this treatise can be deemed as a principle of Avicenna's metaphysics and Islamic philosophy. This critical edition has been done on the basis of 5 manuscripts. 4 of them preserved in Iranian libraries and 1 preserved in "Raghib Pasha" library in Turkey.