Keywords = Essence
"Quiddity" in Qādī Sa‘īd Qumī’s Thought

Volume 17, Issue 38, March 2021, Pages 93-120


Mahdi Hariri; seyed mahmoud yousofsani; sayyed hossein mousavian

Evaluation of Mirdamad’s View on the Primacy or Ideality of Existence

Volume 12, Issue 28, March 2016, Pages 126-146

Mohammad Mostafaee; Abdolhossein Khosropanah

“Existent” and “Existence” in Farabi’s Kitab Al-Horuf

Volume 11, Issue 25, September 2015, Pages 55-76

Fatemeh Shahidi

Human Nature is Middle Species from Mulla Ṣadra’s Point of View

Volume 09, Issue 22, March 2013, Pages 113-134

Bagher Gorgin; Hamed Naji Eṣfahani