Human Nature is Middle Species from Mulla Ṣadra’s Point of View

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Talking about the nature and reality of human being in the transcendent theosophy is really innovative. Relying on his special theories and principles, such as primacy of existence, physical creation and spiritual duration of soul that the philosophers before him had no way through, Mulla Ṣadra brought about issues on human being which became the origin of some innovations in his philosophical system: infinity of human nature inability to limit the reality of human being are among them.
Based on the preceding principles which refer to the special way of human existence, Ṣadr al-Mota’lehin talked about the transformation of human species. In that sense, the rational animal is considered as the moderate type and can be subcategorized to beast, ferocious, devil, and divine genus and Ṣadra, relying on his understanding of human nature, embarked on making substantial changes in important theosophical issues. The author in the present study is trying to explain the new theory of Mulla Ṣadra on human nature and to analyze the basic and fundamental principles of this viewpoint.