De re and De dicto Modality in Islamic Traditional Logic

Volume 07, Issue 14, June 2011, Pages 5-14

Zia Movahed

Suhrawardi on Syllogisms

Volume 07, Issue 16, December 2011, Pages 5-19

Zia Movahed

The primordial man in Shāhnāmah

Volume 15, Issue 34, March 2019, Pages 89-112


maryam asadian; babak alikhani

اسلام در سرزمین ایران

Volume 06, Issue 10, June 2010, Pages 93-111

Reza kuhkan

تعالی و حلول از دیدگاه مولانا و مایستر اکهارت

Volume 06, Issue 11, June 2010, Pages 101-125

Qhasem Kakaei; Ashkan Bahrani

Jesus of Thomas

Volume 20, Issue 43, September 2023, Pages 101-124


Mehran Rahbari

Knowledge of Divine Essence from the View point of Shāh Ni'matullāh Wali

Volume 12, Issue 28, March 2016, Pages 103-125

Fateme Farhanian; Seyyed Sadrodin Taheri

Sabzawari and the criticism of Sadr al-Muta’allihin's argument for substantial motion

Volume 16, Issue 35, August 2019, Pages 109-134


Hussein Ali Shidanshid; Mohammad Hadi Tavakkoli

Expressions and Schools of Islamic Political Philosophy

Volume 12, Issue 27, September 2016, Pages 113-148

Human Nature is Middle Species from Mulla Ṣadra’s Point of View

Volume 09, Issue 22, March 2013, Pages 113-134

Bagher Gorgin; Hamed Naji Eṣfahani

The Phenomenology of Free Will in Transcendent Wisdom

Volume 15, Issue 33, July 2018, Pages 115-125


Mohammad Hosseinzadeh

Political Theology: Essence and Limits of a Problem

Volume 18, Issue 40, February 2022, Pages 119-146


Masoud Sinaeian

Moral Intuition, Meaning and Justification

Volume 10, Issue 23, September 2014, Pages 123-148

Behrooz Mohammadi Monfared

The Comparison of Mystical and Salafi ontology according to Ibn ʽArabi and Ibn Taymiya

Volume 11, Issue 25, September 2015, Pages 137-158

Muhammad Nasiri; Muhammad Mohsen Moraveji Tabasi

A Comparative Study of Heidegger's Analysis of the Greek Temple and Henry Corbin's Analysis of Kaaba

Volume 13, Issue 29, September 2016, Pages 137-154

Seyed Rahman Mortazavi; Amir Nasri