Evaluation and Explanation of the Natural Universal in the Transcendent Philosophy

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Mulla Ṣadra believes that natural universal is just a mental concept. But there are two different approaches towards the origin of its derivation. In the present essay this will be evaluated with two approaches: general and partial. In his general approach, because of his belief in the accidental existence of quiddity and its identity with the external existence, he maintains that the origin of natural universal’s derivation is quiddity. Consequently according to this approach, natural universal is posterior to quiddities. In his partial approach, natural universal is evaluated into ontological and epistemological spheres. In the ontological sphere, because of the negation of the external existence of quiddity and belief in its identity with external world, he maintains that the specified external world is the origin of natural universal’s derivation which soul derives it through its ascending process. In the epistemological sphere, natural universal is derived from the transcendent intellectual and ideal realities. Consequently in contrast with general approach, natural universal has priority to quiddity and also is more transcendent than it due to its origin of derivation.