A new analysis of Sarat's position according to the mystical perception of Transcendent theosophy

Volume 20, Issue 43, September 2023, Pages 255-277


seyedeh zahra Mousavi baygi; Sayyed Mortaza Hosseini; Abbas Javareshkian

philosophy of art in Avesina'books

Volume 14, Issue 32, August 2016, Pages 259-278


Hossein Hashemnejad

The Treatise in difference among time, perpetual and everlasting

Volume 15, Issue 33, July 2018, Pages 261-283


reza hesari; hamed naji

Contemporary Outlooks on Luck, Chance and Accidental Causation in Aristotle’s Point of View

Volume 16, Issue 36, September 2019, Pages 271-298


SEYEDAMIRALI MOUSAVIAN; Seyedmohammadreza Hosseini Behehsti

The evolution of Confucian concepts in the Neo-Confucian moral-cosmic system

Volume 18, Issue 40, February 2022, Pages 291-314


Marjan Noori; Noori Sadat shahangian

an epistemological approach to biological kinds

Volume 18, Issue 39, September 2021, Pages 313-333


Mohammadmahdi Hatef

Possibility and Probability in Avicenna's View

Volume 20, Issue 44, September 2023, Pages 275-300


morteza mezginejad

The role of givenness in early Heidegger’s perspective

Volume 20, Issue 43, September 2023, Pages 279-303


Hedieh Yaghubi Bojmaeh; Bahman Pazouki


Volume 18, Issue 39, September 2021

Value-ladeness of Science and Ethical Naturalism

Volume 19, Issue 42, March 2023, Pages 251-264


Meisam Mohammadamini

The pillars of Imanul-swedenborg's mystic Thought

Volume 17, Issue 38, March 2021, Pages 35-62


habib bashirpour; shahram pazouki