What Aristotle means by "Theology"

Volume 20, Issue 43, September 2023, Pages 201-228


Mohammad Habibollahi; Ahmad Asgari

Symbolism from the point of view of traditionalism

Volume 16, Issue 35, August 2019, Pages 207-232


Amir Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi; Said Binaye Motlagh; Yousef Shaghool

Investigating Russell's Theory of Causal Lines

Volume 16, Issue 36, September 2019, Pages 229-250


vajihe adeli; Mahdi Monfared

The Imam and the Qutb The Axis Mundi in SlīЫism and Sufism

Volume 06, Issue 10, June 2010, Pages 25-67

Zachary Markwith

Effective factors on Communication and Semiotics in Architecture- case study: Kabood mosque in Tabriz

Volume 15, Issue 34, March 2019, Pages 179-202


ahad nejad ebrahimi; minoo gharehbeiglu; seyyed masoud vafaei

"Hierarchy of Eudaimonia" in Aristotle's Moral Philosophy

Volume 14, Issue 31, August 2017, Pages 203-230

Hassan Miandari

Three Meanings of Khārijī Proposition

Volume 20, Issue 44, September 2023, Pages 215-244


Assadollah Fallahi

Is God A Person?

Volume 14, Issue 32, August 2016, Pages 227-258


Mohammad Legenhaozen; Mansour Nasiri

Critique of the Distinction between Knowledge and Mental Existence in the Sadra’s Epistemology

Volume 16, Issue 35, August 2019, Pages 233-261


Mohammad Yazdani; Azam Ghasemi; Gholamreza Zakiany

The priority of the practical theosophy over the theoretical wisdom in Suhrawardi’s illuminationist philosophy

Volume 18, Issue 39, September 2021, Pages 283-311


Nooshin Naziri Khameneh; Seyyed Abbas Zahabi; Babak Abbasi; Ahmad Beheshti

Un petit cercle, un grand exemple

Volume 14, Issue 31, August 2017, Pages 5-17

Reza Kouhkan

Aristotle's Rationalism :A Reply to Barnes

Volume 16, Issue 35, August 2019, Pages 5-20


Yassaman Hoshyar